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Description of KBG’s 4 Business Opportunities

Successful business do not just happen, they are the result of addressing what every successful business needs to address, to in fact become successful, these critically important 4 disciplines are ;

  1. Sales – sales do not just “ happen “, they require a dedicated singular focus
  2. Support – failure to adequately support growth means you stagnate your growth
  3. Growth – failure to gain market share, means you are losing market share
  4. Production- if you are not making product, you are losing equity and value

The KOmKard Business Group successful addresses these disciplines and has established the following business opportunities for those individuals who can see working within this business model building their own part time business from home.


 Exclusive Licensed Distributors, ELD’s

Exclusive Licensed Distributors, ELD’s, will form the direct selling and marketing function enabling sales of KOmKards to end users to take place. ELD’s will be part time, full time self employed, independent business owners, who recognize the potential, the growth, and the value that monthly residual profits marketing and selling KOmKards will create for themselves

Exclusive protected territories of 100,000 population base on average

Profit potential ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 9,000 a month, part time , operating from home

 The people:

Any one can become an ELD, this opportunity suits individuals who want to operate from home, stay at home Moms looking to add an additional revenue stream while keeping current income levels, transitional, one occupation moving into another, students, looking for part time income. Becoming an ELD is the ideal opportunity to become involved with a group of people who have the same goals and expectations as you do, they all want to improve their own personal quality of life, without taking the risk of damaging or weakening their current lifestyle.

The process:

Becoming an Exclusive Licensed Distributor is a simple easy process. Register with KOmmunicon, the owners of KOmKard, you can take that step now.  Once you have registered, you will be assigned an exclusive protected territory, around where you currently live, this is an important part of the business model; you will want to take advantage of the synergy and the word of mouth that will be created by your activities, as well as the other people in your particular KOmKard Business Group.

From this point on all of the sales of KOmKards will be to your benefit only, no one can purchase a KOmKard with in your territory except through you, again, the process is simple, when people visit your sales page, http://www.kommunicon.com/old, this page is dedicated to introducing KomKards to visitors to our site, they will decide to become KOmKard owners, they will click on this page, /www.kommunicon.com/old/plans-pricing/, they will immediately see that by ordering through you, an Exclusive Licensed Distributor of KOmKards, they will save $147.00 on the spot and save an additional $1,320. in their first year, they click on the flag of their Country and order.

At the order step, our software immediately assigns that sale to who ever is the Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD for that protected territory, if its you, you get the sale !!.

It’s that simple and easy. The best part, ELD’s get paid for every month that original KOmKard owner stays an owner, month after month after month, see what the Power of One KOmKard sale a month means to an ELD, https://www.kommunicon.com/old/power-one-komkard-sale/



Regional Developers

Regional Developers will provide ongoing support and guidance to the ELD’s in their Region; ensuring maximum market penetration and optimum sales are achieved.

Each Regional Developer controls a protected region of approximately 1,000,000 population, containing up to 10 ELD’s

Profit Potential ranging from $5,000 to $27,000 a month, part time, operating from home

 The people:

Regional Developers will be individuals who like to deal with people, like to work with and develop, support and provide guidance to other people, allowing them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

By working with and helping the up to 10 ELD’s with in their geographical region of approx 1,000,000 population base, RD’s will provide ongoing support and development to help their ELD’s increase market share, public awareness and the advantages of people in their collective Region of becoming KOmKard owners.

 The Process

Becoming a Regional Developer is a simple easy process; you can take that step now.  Once you have registered, you will be assigned an exclusive protected region, around where you currently live, this is an important part of the business model; you will want to take advantage of the synergy and the word of mouth that will be created by your activities, as well as the up to 10 Exclusive Licensed Distributors that will be developing and building their protected 100,000 population base distributorships, contained inside your 1,000,000 population base region.

The marketing of KOmKards is the goal of everyone in any KOmKard Business Group, where our business model best benefits every one is best illustrated with the relationship between a Regional Developer and one of the Exclusive Licensed Distributors in that specific region.

For Example a KOmKard sale takes place as explained in the section about ELD’s, on a monthly sale of that KOmKard retail price, $89.00, the ELD that controls that territory, will receive $60.00 dollars, the lions share, as they should, on the same sale, the Regional Developer that controls the region where that sale took place , receives $10.00 from the same sale.

See the breakdown of monthly KOmKard sale

Everyone that contributed to each sale receives the profit allocation to their individual business, the revenue for a KOmKard sale is not dependant upon who actually makes the sale, and no one competes or takes away from anyone else, this creates an environment that foster help, support, development of the Brand, to the benefit of everyone in any KOmKard Business Group, KBG.


 Joint Venture Partners, JVP’s

KOmmunicon is looking to join forces with organizations, individuals who have the ability, experience and the resources to create, build, train and direct a sales , marketing and distribution team within their respective countries and regions. Each Joint Venture Partner, JVP’s will be based on individual matching between KOmmunicon, KOmKard and interested parties

Joint Venture Partners will be based on protected regions , usually consisting of Country, State or Provincial configurations

Profit potential ranging from $12,000 to $200,000 a month, part time to start, work from home to start.

The People

Individuals who become Joint Venture Partners, JVP’s will be individuals or organizations committed to bringing the KOmKard brand to their own part of the world. These individuals will have the time, energy, resources and proven track record of bringing a new product to the marketplace. JVP’s will be capable of opening up new territories, establishing Regional Developers and creating sales through Exclusive Licensed Distributors.

 The Process

Joint Venture Partnerships are available at the Country, State, Provincial levels .

These partnerships directly connect interested and qualified individuals with KOmmunicon paving the way for accelerated growth and expansion of the KOmKard brand, benefiting the entire KOmKard Business Group.

Joint Venture Partners, JVP’s will be the driving force in working with Regional Developers and their ELD’s, creating brand awareness, market penetration and the inevitable resulting sales, to the benefit of everyone in that JVP’s KOmKard Business Group.

When ever a sale takes place, anywhere in a JVP’s protected region, comprising of a Country, State or provincial configuration, EVERONE benefits, again reinforcing the KBG business model.

With profit percentages based on volume and protected by exclusive territories, everyone associated with each JVP can be assured that their time, effort and dedication will be financially rewarded directly in proportion to their selected opportunity within that particular KOmKard Business Group .

For details about The KOmKard Business Group- Our Business Model,


 Business Unit Operators

KOmKards are custom made and created individually for each KOmKard owner, this process, done monthly will be provided by Business Units, spread around the globe, providing this important and ongoing support to the sales and marketing efforts of the Exclusive Licensed Distributors and Regional Developers.

Being granted a license to open a Business Unit , will create an additional residual monthly profit stream to an existing Joint Venture Partner, Regional Developer or an Exclusive Licensed Distributor; Business Units will only be granted to individuals already in a KOmKard Business Unit.

Business Units are set up on a service needs basis and are not territory sensitive.

Profit potential ranging from $7,500 to $40,000 a month, start part time, start from home

 The people

Business Unit operators will come from the ranks of already established Exclusive Licensed Distributors, Regional Developers or Joint Venture Partners, already in an existing KOmKard Business Group. Operating a Business Unit will require creating and producing the required KOmKards from a specific region and will be volume based. Individuals who have experience in simple computer technology and programming will be best suited to become Business Unit operators. Business Unit operators will not be involved with the sales marketing process but will be involved and responsible for the creation and the production of new and on going KOmKards.

The Process

Currently all KOmKards are created and put together at our Corporate Head Office in Ontario Canada, as the demand grows for KOmKards, Business Units will be opened around the globe. For a number of reasons, it makes sense to have the KOmKards from each Regional market be created in that market, opening up additional profit streams for existing KBG within that market. This process creates additional profits for the people directly responsible for the creation of the local KOmKards.

Business Units will be created on a supply chain need to service basis, where the greatest need is, the highest volumes, Business Units will be created.