What We Decide To Invest Our Energy and Time on Should be the Things That Give Us That Zing For Life

Its not how many things we can do in life, it’s about the number of things we can accomplish that really make the difference to us on a very personal level.

It’s about the quality, not the quantity.

POP is going to allow, help you accomplish more of the things that matter to you most. That sounds a bit pompous but it’s absolutely true. Here are some of the key components to POP and how they are going to benefit you the most:

1.  The number one reason that all of us accomplish less of the goals and activities that we would like to achieve is that we start and stop too many lesser goals, and this massive waste of time, energy and resources sabotages our efforts to get to the really important stuff.

The failure to have a systematic approach to establishing / setting / prioritizing potential goals and tasks means we are leaving this critically important task to a hodge-podge of chance, luck and flapping in the breeze.

How has this worked for you so far?

Join the club. It’s a process that we never “get right“.  I have been at this for more than 30 years.  The days when I am on my game are the days that go well.  The days that I am off my game, those days go less well.  That is why it’s a journey, not a destination.

POP spends a great deal of its time and energy working on getting this process in place and working for you.  You will find a huge amount of information on how to set and establish goals and tasks, then prioritizing that data and finally, how to invest your energy, time and resources to get the most goals and tasks that you have identified as crucial to you, accomplished.

2.  Stress destroys our ability to function.   Whether it’s just an annoyance that disrupts your afternoon, or a long term funk that cripples your productivity, stress robs all of us of our opportunity to accomplish anything remotely close to what we should be getting done.

Stress is almost entirely within our own ability to control and eliminate from our lives. Stress is an emotion that we allow to enter into our day to day lives. The more we understand how we allow this to happen, the better we will be at controlling this emotion and actually learning how to turn stress to our advantage.

POP, and particularly the Power Time System, set out specific tools and systems that you can use to substantially reduce the stress in your life.  POP will show you how to be a driver not a passenger.  This process means that you are largely in control of the environment around you and by being so; you will be able to greatly reduce unnecessary stress, anxiety and strain in your life.

3.  We all want to achieve the Holy Grail; accomplish more in less time.

Is this really achievable?

The wording on this is a bit tricky. Yes, you will be able to accomplish more in less time because you will be putting yourself in a position of strength and from that position you will be better able to run your own agenda and accomplish more.  We can accomplish more when we are able to better control what happens around us. The more control, the more of the goals, tasks and activities we want to achieve, are accomplished.

This process, accomplishing more of what we want to accomplish translates into accomplishing more in less time.

POP has systems, tools and ways and means that you can add to your daily routine that will give you the power to accomplish more in less time, and in the process, ultimately allow you to accomplish not just more, but more of your key priorities.

4.  What We Decide To Invest Our Energy And Time On Should Be The Things That Give Us That Zing For Life

This is the title of this article, a translation could be this:

What we decide to invest our energy and time on should be THE KEY PRIORITIES that give us that zing for life.

What makes life meaningful for us is our ability to accomplish those tasks, goals and dreams that are most important to us. Volume is not important; accomplish 10 meaningless goals is not what is going to enhance our lives.  What is going to enhance our lives is our ability to weed out the unimportant and zero in on the few key priorities and then making sure we can accomplish that crucial short list.

It’s quality, not quantity.

For such a crucially important procedure; setting, establishing and accomplishing our KEY priorities, most of us leave this procedure to pure chance, hit and miss.

POP gives you the tools to ensure that your KEY Priorities are given the best possible chance to see the light of day, to be turned from wishes to reality, to become accomplishments.

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