POP, The Seminar That Never Sleeps

Finally, I believe I have the tag line that accurately describes POP, the Power Partnership Program. 

The Seminar That Never Sleeps.

Over the years I have conducted more than 2,100 seminars, workshops.  One of the issues or problems with seminars and workshops is that the people attending them have one shot at “getting“ the message.  If they get it and then implement the message, everyone is happy. The reality is that over time, the ‘message ‘can get lost in the shuffle of ongoing life.

That was then, this is now.

I developed and put together POP to eliminate the “one shot” approach and have a program that would basically be a seminar that never slept.  POP is an approach that has the best of both worlds; all of the benefits of a one shot seminar, but with the ongoing support, reinforcements and continuity on a weekly schedule.

The reality is that POP is much more than an 8 hour seminar or workshop.  POP is a massive collection of the best of the best material, tips, ideas, suggestions, tools, articles and systems that I have collected and gathered over the last 30 plus years. If there is one thing I have learned and have ingrained in me over the years is this, people only learn ingest and add to their own life experiences are ideas that they feel will benefit them.

ABC: Always Be Closing

POP gives me the opportunity to always be closing YOU.

“The best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.”

Life gets in the way of us making the changes we want to make, need to make and have every intention of making…when we have the time.  Putting aside the inherent incorrectness of the above statement for a moment, let’s look at the reality we all face.

  1. At some point in our lives, we realize that if we want to have better results tomorrow, then we have to change what we did today, if we don not, then all of our tomorrows will end up looking exactly like our todays.
  2. Based on this logic, we recognize that we want to, need to, make some changes to how and what we do in order to get some different, better results in the future.
  3. We intend to embark on a new course; intend to make changes to our personal operating system.

We hit a roadblock at this point.

There is a functional disconnect between our wants for a better future, (better and different results), and our ability to actually make those required changes.

We start down the path of change, but we do not always get far enough down that road, the first time, to get any appreciable results. This is where POP and ABC come in.  Luckily, POP is not a one shot approach, in the past, if you attended a seminar and did not “get it” at the seminar, you would basically be out of luck.  With the addition of our ABC ongoing support , you have the opportunity to “get it” on a weekly basis.

Remember, POP is the Seminar That Never Sleeps!

POP takes into consideration that we all want to maximize our life experiences, make the most of the time we have here; basically, we want to lead the fullest, richest most advantageous life possible.

With this in mind, POP wants to work with you on making this a reality.

What happens after you have loaded up POP on your computer? What then?

Some of us will be off to the races, some of us will not.

Depending upon what group you may be in, POP is set up to provide weekly, ongoing support, reinforcements, and encouragement to those that want it and need this type of approach.

One Last Thought, (for now at least)

ABC, always be closing is a two way street. POP allows me, on a weekly basis to redirect, reinforce, motivate, encourage, and support you on your life journey.

Turn that around and recognize that you also have the ability to motivate and encourage yourself on a weekly, daily basis.

Use POP as the catalyst for your personal change. I look forward to working with you on your personal journey.


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