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Content builder consists of 500 to 700 word essays on life enhancement and quality of life topics that appeal to the broadest range of recipients. Topics ranging from: goal setting activation, productivity maximization, self-time enhancement, stress reduction and blueprints for success just to name a few. Content builder provides daily content that will uplift, energize and improve the lives of the people that you want to engage, talk to and communicate with. With this capability, you can now reach out to anyone who is important to your business and your success.


Content builder is available on a daily basis. You will always have access to new content no matter what medium, platform or device you wish to communicate on.


Content builder is accessible directly from our database which has a minimum of 50 individual content builder essays available at all times. All you need to do is cut and paste or drag and drop after accessing the database through your membership. The database library will always have new essays being added weekly and older essays will be accessible through the archives section.


Content builder can be used anywhere, allowing you to add value to the content you provide on any platform or medium. Content builder can be the focal point, it can be an addition or it can be a creative way to add value to an afterthought or ending piece. You can add value to someone else’s life with it, by making their user experience excellent in nature, it’s as simple as that. Your content will add value to anyone using your medium, which is a powerful way to be heard and seen.


Registered KomKarder are licensed to use any and all content builder essays available to them through their membership download page. Komkarders are licensed to use content builder essays on any platform, with any device, in any medium they choose with no restrictions.


Registered KomKarder can brand the content builder essays they use in any fashion they choose, including adding their own personal content, business data, advertising or promotional specials, authorship and back-links.

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