8. Viral Komkards

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It’s a crowded world out there. Lots of noise, people speaking and trying to be heard, which causes us to all face the same problem: we want to be the voice that is heard. Being the loudest voice can be expensive and when you think about it, do you really want to be the loudest? Komkard will help your voice be heard and do so in a way that makes your voice not the loudest, but the voice that people will WANT to hear.


We build and create a customized and branded Komkard just for you. Your Komkard is a portal to your website. Whenever you add anything to your website your Komkard is automatically updated as well.


KomKarders can make their personalized branded Komkard available on their membership download page on their website. They know have an unlimited number of downloadable Komkards for anyone that wants one, 24/7. It’s an automatic hands off process for visitors and anyone that wants one, can simply download a Komkard and take it home with them making it simple, easy and effective.


The best way to adequately describe the applications of a Komkard is simple, Komkards can go anywhere the internet can. Komkards aim at solving the problem around maximizing the advantage the internet provides website owners. Komkards turn static websites into internet friendly mobile sites, that can actually move away from their static locations and move around the internet. Your Komkards will be able to keep up an interactive relationship with the people that matter to your businesses including current and future customers.


Registered Komkarders are licensed to use their personalized and branded Komkard through their membership download page. KomKarders can use their personalized and branded Komkard on any platform, with any device, in any medium they choose with no restrictions.


Registered KomKarders can brand their Komkard they use in any fashion they choose, including adding their own personal content, business data, advertising or promotional specials, authorship and back-links.”

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