3. Subscription Campaigns

Product Description

We provide 5 separate weekly subscription campaigns, one for every day of the week.
Your website visitors can either subscribe directly off of your download membership page on your website, or simply view the content on your website. Our subscription campaigns are suitable to be inserted into any standard subscription program, as most websites will come with plugins suitable for this function.


Each individual subscription campaign is published daily, one for each day of the week, Monday through Friday. This means one new issue per day per campaign.


KomKarders have access to each individual issue, on a daily basis as well as an archive of past issues, to be selected and used at their discretion.


Once set up, each individual subscription campaign runs automatically, just cut and paste or drag and drop and you are set to go. Subscription campaigns are a highly mobile, internet friendly way to reach out to anyone that you want to stay in contact with. Remember, your social network platforms are a prime vehicle to attract subscribers.


Registered KomKarders are licensed to use any and all subscription campaign tools available to them through their membership download page. KomKarders can use our subscription campaign tools on any platform, with any device, in any medium they choose with no restrictions.


Registered KomKarders can brand the subscription campaign tools they use in any fashion they choose, including adding their own personal content, business data, advertising or promotional specials, authorship and back-links.

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