7. Newsletters

Product Description

We provide a template, already filled in with articles and content provided by us which is suitable for a wide range of audiences. All that is left to do is for you to cut and paste or drag and drop information, ads or promotional material into the template. Then distribute it as your normally would.


Our newsletters are a monthly feature.


They are accessible from your membership download page on your website.


Newsletters are a tool that are traditionally used to inform existing customers of new developments to your organization. By adding additional non-business information to your newsletter, you open up possibilities to use it in a wider range of applications.


Registered KomKarders are licensed to use any and all newsletters made available to them through their membership download page. KomKarders can use our newsletters on any platform, with any device, in any medium they choose with no restrictions.


Registered KomKarders can brand the newsletters they use in any fashion they choose, including adding their own personal content, business data, advertising or promotional specials, authorship and back-links.

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