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  • 500 to 700 plus words of content written daily specifically to appeal to the widest possible market.
  • Ad free, authorship free content. This content is suitable for any sort of re-write, re-formatting or re-distribution.
  • Content will focus on quality of life topics that will enrich, empower and uplift the lives of your readers.
  • Ideal for your blog, website, RSS feeds, social networking sites, email campaigns or newsletters.
  • Setup of content makes branding, re-submitting and e-mailing a simple easy cut and paste process.
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  • Daily inserts that will appeal to your customer base.
  • Fresh, innovative, topical content, meant to encourage interest in your existing social sites, your web site and for redistribution among your followers.
  • Ideal for staying in contact on a regular basis.
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  • A new campaign for every day of the week , Monday to Friday.
  • Can be used as an opt-in or can be part of a start up introduction campaign.
  • No ads and no authorship. Set up for your branding and contact information.
  • Spaces to add additional content like: ads or branding.
  • You have and retain total ownership of each subscription and all content
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  • Suitable for existing website content being provided, or subscription campaigns being supplied.
  • Monthly mini e-book content, supplied to refresh and keep your opt-in offerings new and appealing.
  • Ad free and authorship free content. Suitable for re-branding and adding personalized information in.
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  • Substantive products and material available for give-a-ways, promotions, campaigns, for your website visitors and existing customers, prospecting data bases.
  • Monthly, there will be a new product, discount or promotion suitable for use in any fashion that will benefit your website visitors.
  • This program will give you a new, non sales based method to reach out and connect with your entire base of customers, leads and prospects.
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  • Become a published internet author, instantly with our monthly e-book.
  • Our e-books offer substantive value, exceeding 20 plus pages.
  • E-Books, as with all of the content we provide, is totally ad free with no authorship or back-links of any kind.
  • Each e-book is prepared and set up to allow for simple, cut and paste action. Add in your own content, link-backs, promotions or branded content.
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  • We provide new content monthly.
  • Suitable for you to ad existing content already on your web site, or to send off as is.
  • Content will focus on quality of life topics that will enrich, empower and uplift the lives of your readers.
  • Ideal for staying in contact with existing customers, reaching out to new visitors, or as a new reason to re-connect with ex-customers and prospects.
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  • Komkards provides a downloadable portal to your website.
  • Komkards are internet friendly as they can go anywhere the internet can and are downloadable onto any laptop or desktop.
  • You will have hundreds of thousands of Komkards available to your website visitors, 24/7
  • Komkards work automatically, interacting, communicating and creating top of the head awareness, 24/7, indefinitely
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