Journey Juice #3

Utilize Your Power Time and Create Maximum Value

We all have a time in the day when we are most effective, can laser concentrate and produce not only the most output but create our best work. Our Power Time

We need to be sure that we fully capitalize on our Power Time.  Here are some ways to accomplish that;

Schedule Your A Priorities In This Valuable Time Slot

The key to your personal success is to ensure, Guarantee, that you’re A Priorities are accomplished. To make this happen, schedule, each day, you’re A Priorities in the most advantageous time slots, those advantageous time slots are in your personal Power Time slots. You always want to stack the deck in your favor, Time Activate you’re A Priorities in the time slots that you know you will be at the top of your game.

Protect Your Power Time From Outside Sources

None of us works in vacuum. There are a wide range of influences out there in the world, these influences all have their own agendas to put forth, as we do. The conflict comes into play when you run up against outside influences that want you to move off your agenda and accept their Agenda as the one that will take the field.

To be effective, successful and accomplish the goals and tasks that are important to you, you need to protect your Agenda and in particular, your valuable Power Time

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves. Self-discipline with all of them came first.”

Harry S. Truman

A Quick 3 Part Plan to Protect Your Power Time

  1. Be pre-emptive, plan your Power Time when you have the greatest chance of not being interrupted, drawn into other activities and tasks that will deflect from your Agenda and reduce the effectiveness of your Power Time.
  2. Schedule times in the day when you encourage drop-ins, interruptions, point the people around you to these scheduled times when you are available, this will help to reduce the drain on your Power Time.
  3. Start to become territorial about this valuable time frame, get the word out, let other people know you respect their time; you need them to respect yours.

Properly Utilizing Your Power Time Shows You Are A Team Player

Good team players recognize that for the team to benefit, you need to pull your weight, accomplish your share of tasks and most importantly, contribute to the over all growth and profitability of the whole.

An important component of the Power Time reality is two fold;

First, as we start our day, we start a downhill slide in effectiveness, productivity and our ability to accomplish tasks in a direct ratio to the time, energy and resources we bring to bear. In other words, it’s a downhill slide!!

Second, we need to be sure that we get at what is most important first and then work our ways backward from there. Very few of us, if any, get stronger, more productive as the day stretches on.

Finally, Plan, Organize, Time Activate and Prioritize to take full advantage of the times of the day when you are on the top of your game.

Have a great day


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