How To Separate The Really Important From The Important

If I keep mentioning something that is a tip off.

Not trying to be a smart guy, but when it comes right down to it, this is one of the easiest ways to separate important tips from the really important ones.

As I try to improve and make POP better, something that I invest my time on every day, I have a tendency to go to what I feel are the real basics, the foundations on which you should look at when you are trying to make changes to how you function in order to get different, better results.

If you do not want all of your tomorrows to look like your yesterdays, you need to make some changes to how you are going to function today.

Same old gets you the same old.

First Step

Forget about trying to figure out what is the best step, juts starting taking steps.

That would rank up there with what is an absolute IRREFUTABLE in POP.  POP is an action based approach to finding ways to improve, enrich and enhance your life.

Unless you are willing and prepared to make some changes to how you operate and function, there will be no improvements.  POP is not an academic exercise, it is not a theory in how to make things better for yourself, it’s a hand’s on, action driven approach on how you will be able to get different and better results for yourself, all based on you taking action.

As you start to look at POP, reading through the material, clicking on the RANDOM button, you will be gaining access to hundreds and hundreds and ideas that, if used and implemented by your self, will bring immediate and positive changes to your life experiences.

It is during this process, the process and stage of you accessing what POP has to offer, then l making the personal decisions to add a new way of doing some of your old activities that you will start to experience the value of POP.

  • Some will work, some will not.
  • Some will have a profound impact, some will not
  • Some will make a positive impact on you and you will decide to add those to your personal operating system.
  • Some will not make the grade; improve your life, those you will drop

Couldn’t be much easier than that, could it!

Second Step   Trust your instincts

Your life, your approach, your results.

Press the RANDOM button and keep pressing it until you find something that catches your eye, then stop.

What ever catches is your eye is a great place to start. By stopping at what caught your eye, you are now guaranteed that you will at least stop long enough to see what that tip, idea, tool, system, article is about and that means you have taken that first important crucial first step.

You gave started a journey that I hope will last as long as you are around. That journey is about looking at ways that you can have and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life. There is nothing in POP that will interest you more, have a greater positive impact on your life that the tools in POP that your pick out as important to you.

Just because you have stopped and picked out a particular idea in POP that caught your eye is going to make any difference in your life, BUT I can guarantee you that unless you start that process of investigating what is in POP, nothing is ever going to happen.

Step Three   It Only Takes One Spark

The reality of POP is this, yes there are hundreds and hundreds of ideas and tools in POP, some of those ideas and tools are so important that they get repeated over and over again, all with original ways to use them and start with them, but the reality is that what has worked for thousands and thousands if people before you are brought to the forefront, again and again.

I wish that every line of copy that I wrote actually made sense and everyone who read them would rise up and rush out and follow my advice to the letter.

Alas, that is not the case!!

That is why I wrote about some of the more important aspects of POP, more than once, sometimes a lot more than once. The reason is, is that some aspects of POP are mire important than others, to some people.

2 Paths to Take

  1. You read something inPOPonce, it makes an impact on you and you are off to the races, you use it, you implement it into you day to day routine and it makes a powerful positive impacts, just as I had imagined it.
  2. You read something inPOP, its really important, you pass over it because it does not make enough sense to you for you to stop and give it a second look. Happens all the time. You come across the same point latter on, in a different format, with different wording, still does not make you stop and ponder. Happens all the time.

Time goes by and you see the same point over and over again and one of those over and over times, you stop, ponder and give it a shot, this happens ALL of the time.

It’s not important until it’s important to you. How you get there is going to be your journey.

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