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Having a properly established process or method of appropriately formulating your goals in life is an Irrefutable in POP.  If you are not doing this process correctly, you are seriously putting yourself in jeopardy of not being able to maximize all of the other investments of your time and energy.  I spend a great deal of time on this process; gathering potential goals, establishing what is going to become a goal and eventually achieving those goals that make the grade.

This Is A Biggie

If the process or lack of one, establishing goals is flawed, is it any surprise that we are not achieving as many of our goals as we would like to?

I would like to address only a small portion of this process, Goal Setting.  Here, that part would be the gathering process.

The Gathering Process

You will see this term used a great deal in the Power Living Life List, (PLLL).  To read about this very critical tool in more detail, visit here, PLLL.

I refer to the PLLL as an in-box for the rest of your life.  Today, that could be the email in-box for the rest of your life, but bear with me on the in-box analogy, I think it makes more sense here.

In order to bring any order to this process, the gathering of POTENTIAL goals in your life, you need a place to start that process and that process should start with your in box, your PLLL.  Failure to start this process with your own PLLL, you are seriously limiting your chances of being able to maximize this crucially important step in eventually being able to achieve the maximum number of important goals you establish for yourself throughout  your life.

Before you are able to accomplish anything, you need to have a method of deciding what will get your attention, your investment of time and energy and what will not. Agreed?

Each day, you need to decide what activities will be achieved that day and which ones will not.  Each day there is always this trading process; we trade off one activity in favor of another: some make the grade and some do not.

Would you not agree, it’s impossible to make these decisions, daily, properly, without knowing exactly what is up for debate and what is not?

That is the essence of the PLLL and the vital role that it plays in the gathering process.

If your gathering process is absent, or faulty, then you will be flying blind, day after day when it comes to making the crucial decisions required to determine what ideas you have will be turned into goals and then actually achieved. There is a monumental difference between wishes and dreams and then turning those wishes and dreams into realities.

You need to be able to make those decisions with all of the facts at your disposal. You now are in a position to make accurate decisions knowing what is potentially going to be vying for your energy and time, and then making the right decisions based on knowing what you need to invest on which tasks.

The Best Gathers Achieve More of their Goals

The best gathers and sorters achieve more of their goals is the more complete description.

If you want to achieve more of your goals, then you need to start to have a way of properly gathering ALL of your potential future goals, and then have a place to store and sort those potentials goals.

If you are agreeing with what I have been saying here, then POP can provide you with a wealth of ways for you to accomplish both the gathering and sorting part of this crucially important aspect of time and energy deployment.

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