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We have all heard this phrase and we have all said it;

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to get that done, will do it tomorrow… “

In my seminars and workshops, this is one of the most heated discussion points.

When someone says they did not have time to accomplish a task or job, and they cite a “lack“ of time, what they are really saying is this;

“I decided to do something else instead of delivering on a promise I made to you to accomplish what I said I would for you.”

When we fail to accomplish goals, priorities, tasks either for ourselves of other people, we are demonstrating one of the key weaknesses in our ability to accomplish priorities that we set of ourselves each day. Not accomplishing goals and priorities is one of the key reasons we send up feeling dissatisfied with ourselves, which ends up increasing our stress levels substantially.

We all have plenty of time each day, the problem comes into play in how we deploy and invest that time.

Let’s take our example of not getting a specific task done and using a “lack of time” as the reason.

1.      Take away housekeeping tasks; washing, eating, sleeping, private time we dedicate for outside activities, lets settle on 8 hours for “work“ duties.
2.      You promise a colleague that you deliver a report to them 2 days from now. That report will take a maximum of 1 hour to compile and email over to them, max.
3.      You recognize that the report is [...]

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How To Chomp Your Way Through The Power Partnership Program

Light Snacks
Blueprints For Success

When you are looking for something to nibble on throughout the day, try this category. These Blueprints for Success are short and to the point. The point is what makes these so tasty.  Any one of these thought-provoking nuggets could easily be the one that stays with your for the rest of your life. The purpose of this category is to get you to look at options that are out there and when you see the one, or the ones you like, start introducing them into your daily lifestyle.  Like any light snack, sometimes you can’t stop at just one!

Ways to Change Your Life

A good appetizer is a great way to start off a fine meal.  Using any of the more than 212 Ways To Change Your Life is a phenomenal way to start the rest of your life.  Some of these ways can be as simple as introducing a new way to handle  your emails, some are more complex and require a new life style direction or change. All of them have one thing in common; they will help you think more about what you are currently doing and what could be ways to make positive changes to your life. A good appetizer is something that leaves you wanting more, similar to how the rest of your life is going to turn out.

The Protein, Meat Course
Self-Time Management Tools

The focal point of most meals is the protein; meat part of [...]

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The Power Living Life List

Where do I start?

If I only have time for one activity, what should it be? (Trick question! )

I get asked these questions every day. The simple answer to all of these questions is right on this page.

If you are looking for a logical, powerful start to implementing something of POP into your daily personal operating system then start by…

  • Creating your own PLLL
  • And then use your PLLL to help plan the rest of your life.

This the perfect place to start.

“Sometimes our reach overstretches our grasp.  Actually, it’s always our reach overstretching our grasp.”

If you are serious about having and leading a more fulfilling and happier life, you need to make sure that your grasp, your ability to achieve your goals, is within range of your reach, what we want out of life.


We all want to operate from a position of power.  Gaining knowledge about where you want go will enable you to operate from a power position; you will become a driver instead of a passenger.

Your P.L.L.L. will…

  • Guarantee that you will always be functioning within your capabilities.
  • Will help you properly align your wants with your ability to obtain them.
  • You will never again be surprised and backed into the proverbial “corner”.
  • You will always be operating from a position of strength.
  • Ensure that you will always be driving your own agenda.


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37 Time Stealing Traps and How To Avoid Them

The best offense is always a good defense.

All of these traps are covered in Power Time System in greater detail but you will find this list a good primer to our System.  As you go through the list, you may want to make a list of your own; areas that you should look at immediately, things you can correct with additional effort, longer-term projects.  If nothing else, I hope we make you take pause and give consideration to the topics covered here.

1.  Not taking responsibility for your own destiny.

This means you are at the mercy of those around you.  It is always better to be the one that drives the agenda then to be the one always responding to people and actions around you.

2. “He Didn’t plan to fail, he just failed to plan.”  (Unknown)

We have all heard this, but we fail to heed it.  When I’m not as productive as I should be during a less than successful day, I can always trace it back to my own lack of planning.

Conversely, on days where I am on top of my game and achieved the most during the day, I know the reason why.  I had a plan and I worked my plan.  No mystery in that.

The most productive time you will spend is the time you invest in planning for the following day, days, and week’s activities.

3. If you let email take over, you will always be on the losing end.

It’s addictive, counterproductive, and everywhere, [...]

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9 Productivity Tips to Maximize Your Life

Tip # 1  Squeaky Wheels

Find and destroy the things that stand between you and the things you want to accomplish. It really is a matter of not what but which ones.  Productivity deals with the how part of the Power Time System.  Time Management is the “what” and “when”, Productivity deals with the how, the action part.

Squeaky wheels are the tasks, jobs, and activities that we do each day.  What we want to do is take the one that is causing us the most lost time; the most stress, the most anxiety, and make it our number one priority.  To get ahead of the curve, to eliminate the activities in our lives that wreck havoc on us, we need to invest some time to deal with them.  We find ourselves in a circle that keeps us from achieving more things in our lives than we are now.

The circle goes something like this: we are rushed, running around, not organized, and because of this, we are not getting what we want done.  We get frustrated and stressed out, we make matters worse, not better.

The more stressed and rushed we are, the less we get done; its self-fulfilling prophecy.  How do we break out of the cycle?  We take what is in most short supply; our time, and we slowly invest it in correcting the things that cause us the most aggravation: the squeaky wheels.  It makes sense to work at the things that cause us the most grief and [...]

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7 Day Jump Start To Accomplishing More

Day 1.  Power Living Life List

I know that I am not supposed to have a “favorite“ but I have to admit, this system is close to being just that, my favorite.  One of the principles of the Power Time Management System, PTMS, is that you always want to find maximizers in your operations.  You want to find activities that will give you back more benefit than the effort and energy you put into them.

For example: you want to spend 2 hours working on a new procedure to you help you streamline your ordering procedures.  By spending these two hours once, you will benefit every time in the future when you use the new streamlined ordering procedures.  Over the next month, you could save an hour each time you have to order something.  If you use the new ordering procedure 5 times, that is a gain of 3 hours.  Every time in the future you use the ordering procedure, it’s a pure gain of an hour.

In the next year, you could save 100 hours or more, all originating from an initial investment of 2 hours.  Starting and developing your own Power Living Life List, PLLL, you will be profiting from the maximizing benefits gained from using this Power system.  It’s simple to use, easy to start, and a very powerful tool you will not want to be without.

If you are looking for a way to ease into the Power Time Management System (PTMS), this is a great place to start.  A [...]

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