Become a Better Trader

We have all heard this phrase and we have all said it;

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to get that done, will do it tomorrow… “

In my seminars and workshops, this is one of the most heated discussion points.

When someone says they did not have time to accomplish a task or job, and they cite a “lack“ of time, what they are really saying is this;

“I decided to do something else instead of delivering on a promise I made to you to accomplish what I said I would for you.”

When we fail to accomplish goals, priorities, tasks either for ourselves of other people, we are demonstrating one of the key weaknesses in our ability to accomplish priorities that we set of ourselves each day. Not accomplishing goals and priorities is one of the key reasons we send up feeling dissatisfied with ourselves, which ends up increasing our stress levels substantially.

We all have plenty of time each day, the problem comes into play in how we deploy and invest that time.

Let’s take our example of not getting a specific task done and using a “lack of time” as the reason.

1.      Take away housekeeping tasks; washing, eating, sleeping, private time we dedicate for outside activities, lets settle on 8 hours for “work“ duties.
2.      You promise a colleague that you deliver a report to them 2 days from now. That report will take a maximum of 1 hour to compile and email over to them, max.
3.      You recognize that the report is less than an hour to prepare and you have planned to take an hour out of your 8 hour work day tomorrow to get this priority task done.
4.      You have planned to spend less than 15% of your entire day on this less than I hour task, leaving you more than 85% of your time tomorrow on whatever else may have to be accomplished.
5.      Today has come and gone, you in fact spend not 8 hours at work, but more than 10 hours because today was a particularly busy day and to accomplish what you felt had to be done, required you to spend an additional 25% more time, 2 hours to get what you decide needed to be done, accomplished. (by the way, you ran your butt off today, accomplished a whole pile of tasks, projects, conferences with people, never even had time for lunch, sound familiar? )
6.      You now find yourself facing your colleague and saying this infamous phrase,

“Sorry, didn’t have time to get that report for you, will get it to you tomorrow.“

Hmmmm? You had an 8 hour workday to accomplish a less than an hour task, in fact, you actually had a 10 hour workday to accomplish a less than an hour task.

What Went Wrong?

Many things went into this failure, but the key one was this, you decided to trade away the hour that you should of accomplished this priority in and you decided to use that time for something else.

Your traded, exchanged the hour that you basically promised your colleague you would reserve for him, and you decided to do something else that you determined matter more to you than your promise to him. Remember when I said this issue causes more heated exchanges in seminars and workshops than pretty well anything else?

When I start to work on the promise to a friend and you decide to simply ignore than and spend that time on something else that really gets the fur flying. It particularly gets people riled when I am doing a workshop for a company and all of the people in the room are colleagues and friendship means something to one another.

Reality rears its ugly head when everyone in the room reluctantly agrees this type of failure and problem occurs on a regular routine basis.

We Need To Become Better Traders

We need to acquire the skills and tools to become better traders. Sounds simple but it is an issue that strikes at our ability to consistently perform at a high enough level on a daily basis to really do some damage when it comes to maximizing out our days.

If you want to be happy and or happier, become a better trader.

Invest your time and energy , become an astute trader, get the maximum value from your trades and you will be well on the way to accomplishing more of the tasks, goals, and wishes that are going to end up benefiting you the most.

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