7 Day Jump Start To Accomplishing More

Day 1.  Power Living Life List

I know that I am not supposed to have a “favorite“ but I have to admit, this system is close to being just that, my favorite.  One of the principles of the Power Time Management System, PTMS, is that you always want to find maximizers in your operations.  You want to find activities that will give you back more benefit than the effort and energy you put into them.

For example: you want to spend 2 hours working on a new procedure to you help you streamline your ordering procedures.  By spending these two hours once, you will benefit every time in the future when you use the new streamlined ordering procedures.  Over the next month, you could save an hour each time you have to order something.  If you use the new ordering procedure 5 times, that is a gain of 3 hours.  Every time in the future you use the ordering procedure, it’s a pure gain of an hour.

In the next year, you could save 100 hours or more, all originating from an initial investment of 2 hours.  Starting and developing your own Power Living Life List, PLLL, you will be profiting from the maximizing benefits gained from using this Power system.  It’s simple to use, easy to start, and a very powerful tool you will not want to be without.

If you are looking for a way to ease into the Power Time Management System (PTMS), this is a great place to start.  A simple definition of the PLLL is this; think of it as an In-Box for the rest of your life.  You want to start to write down, either in hard copy, or on your computer, everything and anything that you want to do, from today forward.  The number one rule is this: there are no rules, and anything and everything gets dumped into your PLLL.  This system has been designed for you to literally dump your brain into your PLLL.

Go to the Home Page of this site; go to the bottom of that page and see the flow of information, it all starts with the creation of your own PLLL.  Listen to the audio file there. There is also a mass of information on any of the index pages, under the Power Living Life List. You have enough information on this site right now to start working on your own Life List.

Why is this system one of my favorites?  The reason I like it so much is because it does so much for those that use it.  I probably get more positive feedback on this simple aspect of the PTMS than on any other part of it.  People like it because it has a powerfully calming effect on you.  It helps to reduce stress, makes you infinitely more organized and, most of all, helps bring order to chaos.  I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but in this case, it is all true.

Time Management deals with helping us decide what to do, and then when to do it.  Your Power Living Life List is going to be the start point for all of the what’s in your life.  Up to now, all of the what’s have been swirling around in your head, and when you keep trying to keep track of them, all that happens is that we get more overloaded and stressed out.  The start of the process of gaining back control of your time is to get all of that information out of your head, where it is doing you no good, and putting that information and data in a place where it will start to do you some good, your Power Living Life List.

Quick Starter Activities

Number 1.

Read the articles on this site about the Power Living Life List.

Number 2

Open up either a hard file, preferred method, or a computer file, and add to it each day a task, job, dream, project, goal and/or activity that you would like to accomplish sometime in your life time.

Number 3

Use your Power Living Life List to help empty as much information out of your head as possible.  Out of your head, into the system, in a written form.

One last point, do not let the simplicity of this system fool you; it packs a huge positive impact on those that utilize it.  Make sure you are one of them.


Your Power Living Life List, if used properly, will become an indispensable guide to you in mapping out your future.  This system is one that, the more you use it, the more value and benefit you will derive from it.  I personally can say that at least some time in each day, I make a reference to the material that is in my own Power Living Life List.

Day 2.  Power Goal Setting

As strange as it may seem, Goal Setting is one of the most neglected Time Management activities.  When you realize that pretty well everything we do starts from the Goal Setting process, we should all pay a lot more attention to how we set our Goals.

I picked Goal Setting to be the second day activity because it follows a natural flow from the Power Living Life List.  A big part of Time Management is gaining back control of your time; a place to start to do that is Time Activating your Goals.  Time Activating is a term I use in the Power Time Management System.  Time Activating is simply taking a task or a job you want to do, and setting aside a specific time slot, Time Activating it, in your Day Planner.

I call Time Activating the missing link; it’s the step that the vast majority of people out there do not do when they are trying to get organized.  When people set Goals, they forget to allocate time in their schedules to actually accomplish the Goals.  For example, you set a Goal that you want to learn Spanish for your trip down south next winter.  You set the goal in January, and you have 10 months to learn Spanish.  The next step is the one that is missing in most peoples thought process. When are you going to get down to actually investing the time to learn Spanish?

Your Goals need to get matched up with your available time.  This is crunch time in your Time Management system.  Goal Setting has to be brought into line with your time availability as soon as possible, the sooner the better.  We need to have a direct line between what you want to do, with when you are going to do it.  Remember, this is our short, but accurate definition of Time Management, what we want to do and when we want to do it.  For this example, it is not when we want to do it, it is, when we can do it.

One of the major causes of stress is this conflict between our wants, our Goals, and the disparity between what we want to accomplish and having the time to spend on doing them.  The Power Time Management System deals with making sure that you establish goals, which are then Time Activated, making sure that they do in fact get realized.  Realistic Goal Setting means only setting goals when there is the appropriate time available in which they can be accomplished.

Quick Starter Activities

Number 1

Pick 3 Goals that you have already set for yourself.  Put them in writing.

Number 2

Look at these goals.  Start to set aside specific times in your current schedule when you will start to do specific activities to get these goals realized.

Number 3

Set time lines on when these Goals will be realized. If you see that there is a time disparity between what you wanted to do and what time is available to you, you may want to reduce the number of goals or to lengthen the time lines.

Part of the purpose of this Goal setting exercise is to help you get on the track of sustainability.  You need to, over the next little while, start working with the number of tasks and jobs on your plate that are feasible for you, under your current conditions.  You want to get to a point, as soon as possible, where what you are trying to accomplish is actually possible, given your current set of conditions.

This is a very worthwhile goal, one that will provide you with a base of activities that will finally match up with you and your current time restraints.  As time goes on, you will want to make changes to this matrix, but for now, on your second day, let’s get to a sustainable level as your first goal.


Goal Setting is an integral part of your personal Time Management journey.  Use your Power Living Life List as the source to draw from when you are setting goals.  Ideas move north to south from your Power Living Life List to your Goal Setting and back again.  Always remember to use both systems to help you gain balance in your life and to achieve long-term sustainability.

Day 3  Start Dumping – Start Replacing – Start Reducing

What the Power Time Management System will do for you is help you get to a point, where you are operating on a sustainable level.  What you are doing and want to do are in line with your resources and your time availability.  Hopefully you are working on establishing your Power Living Life List.  This tool will be invaluable to help you get a clear picture of the things that you would like to do, now and as far into the future as you want to go.  You need to know what the future could hold for you, if you plan to take charge of it.

Next, I hope you are spending some time on getting a handle on some of the goals you have set out for yourself.  If you are Time Activating specific goals and the actions that you need to be completing to make those goals become a reality, you should be getting a clearer picture of where you stand on what goals may make the cut and which ones will be put on the back burner or removed totally.  Which brings us to Day 3.

The reality for most of us is this: we want too much, we overfill our plates, and as a result, we end up being fairly unhappy and unfulfilled.  That may be somewhat of a gloomy picture, but the good part is this, it does not have to be like that.  What we want to start to do is this; we want to get to a point where we are the ones calling the shots, where we decide what gets done and when it gets done.  That will put us in a place where we end up feeling better about ourselves and we start to chalk up victories instead of defeats.

To get there, there has to a reckoning of sorts.  We need to start to dump some things off our plates.  We need to give ourselves some breathing room and we are going to want to reduce the pressure we have unknowingly placed on ourselves.  We want to start to clean house and we will do it 3 ways:

Start Dumping

I have worked with over 60,000 people in the last 30 odd years.  I have yet to meet a person who did not have too many things on the go, did not have too many directions they were going in; we are all guilty to varying degrees of the same overload habit.  You need to simply look at what you are trying to accomplish and make some tough choices.  The easiest choice is to dump off your plate and out of your schedule, jobs, tasks and activities that you are currently not able to accomplish.

This step does not mean forever.  It just means for now, while you are trying to get a better balance between what you want to do and what you are able to do.  You are just going to put some things back into your Power Living Life List, where they will sit, perhaps to be pulled out at a better time for you.  This step is part of the process to put you back in control; you decide what gets done and you make those choices from a position of power, not out of desperation.

Start Replacing

You start replacing some activities with other activities; filling up the same time slots. Instead of spending an hour a day on Internet activities, you decide that you would prefer to spend that time with your family, or friends.  Time Management is about improving your quality of life, above everything else. We have only so much time, and so many things pulling at us to fill that time.  Some things are just not that important that we will want to invest our time on them.

We can start to replace business tasks with personal activities, start to double up on certain tasks so we free up more time latter on for other things we would prefer to be doing.  It’s our time, its nonrenewable; we need to be very careful where we invest it.  Once our time is gone, it’s gone forever.

Start Reducing

The Power Time Management System will be a pivotal force in helping you regain some balance in your life.  If you are like most of us, we tend to overload on activities and things we have on the go.  You may want to look at reducing the large tasks, jobs and activities that you are currently doing. When you start to work your way through the Power Time Management System, this is going to be a job that, at some point, you will need to do.

Part of the goal of dumping, replacing and reducing what is in your daily routine, is to bring some balance and sustainability into your life.  This is a process that does not happen overnight, but you will experience some immediate positive benefits from just investing a little time on any of these 3 components.

Quick Starter Activities

Number 1

Find one job, activity or task that you feel comfortable in just dumping off your schedule; something that takes up some of your time and resources, and something that you can do without.  You may want to dump this activity back into your Power Living Life List for a look at later.

Number 2

Find an activity that is associated with either your job or business that you can replace with a personal activity.  You are just trading time slots here, moving out a work related activity and replacing it with something of a personal or relaxing nature.  You are looking for a life style change here. The goal is less work, adding a new hobby, interest, sports to your life, perhaps just an extra hour with the family or friends.

Number 3

You want to reduce the number of areas or directions you are currently going in.  We are looking for a broad stroke reduction here.  Give your current workload a serious look; we want to drop a portion of that workload in one fell swoop.  This is a big step, give it some thought and work through this carefully.


The Power Time Management System is set up to make these 3 processes work for you.  We all need to learn that there is only so much useable quality time available to each of us, each day.  When that time is gone, we have to move on to the next chunk of time.  We have to look at our time, in its entirety and know we have to start to make choices.  How we make those choices, determines our future.

Day 4   Power Hour

Create a Power Hour for yourself.  You need to create an oasis of power for yourself each day.  This is the start of implementing the Power Time Management Time System.  I want you to start working from a position of power, and you do that an hour at a time.  We all naturally have a time in the day when we feel better, are capable of doing more and naturally gravitate towards that time to do either our toughest jobs, or our best work.

Start to carve an hour out of everyday, which you set aside for yourself.  I have no idea who you are, or what you do, or what your goals are in life, all I know is that this simple technique has helped the over 60,000 people who have used it over the last 30 years.  It will work for you as well.  Time Management is going to have a huge positive benefit fot you, if you work with it and the Power Time Management System.

Start here, and start today.  You want to carve out just an hour each day that you will use as you see fit.  It can be work or job related, personal time, private time; your call, your choice.  What is important is this: it has to be an hour and it has to be controlled by you.  You win the war by winning the small battles.  This is a small battle that has to be won, if you want to win the war.

The heart and soul of Time Management is giving those that avail themselves of it, the power to control how they use their time.  A big part of this power is being able to wield it, for your own benefit.  You need to demonstrate this power to only one person: yourself and the best way is to start by showing yourself that you can control, exclusively, one hour a day.

Quick Starter Activities

Number 1

Pick what area in your life you are going to invest your Power Hour in.  You need to clearly identify that your hour will be spent, on the job, in the business, at home, with a sports team, at church.  Your choice, just make a choice.

Number 2

You want this Power Hour to improve your life; you want it to make a difference in how you feel and how you function.  With this in mind your Power Hours should involve as many days per week as functional and are sustainable.  For the best results, you want to create a Power Hour that is part of your daily routine.

Number 3

You do not want to necessarily keep a scorecard, but you do want to keep track on how often you are able to use your Power Hour and how often are able to do what you wanted to do with that hour.  Time Management will take some effort on your part, in order to reap the inevitable rewards.


This simple tool is something that you will be able to turn into a way that you will be able to reap thousands of additional hours of happiness, productivity, and increased pleasure from whatever area of your life you decide to use it in.  An increased hour of productivity each day, stretched over your lifetime, is the true power of Time Management at work.

Day 5  Start Getting “The“ Task Done

The simple and easy way to make sure that you feel good at the end of the day is to make sure you get “the“ task accomplished.  Every body has a task or priority that they would like to get done, even if they have not officially identified it as such.  The one telephone call that is important, the one file that has to be sent, an order that has to be made, there is always something that we want to get done each day.  Being able to consistently get these key important priorities done can have a positive impact on your whole day.

Time Management is as much about time as it is about us learning how to manage ourselves.  When we can manage our time, we can start to work on managing ourselves.  Working on getting our one key priority done each day is a step in the direction of managing our time as well as managing ourselves.

Accomplishing our key priority each day is not only valuable to our production and moving us closer to achieving our goals, it is also very important in keeping us in a good frame of mind.  How many days have you worked very hard, put in a long day, and at the end of this hard long day, felt unhappy and frustrated?  The reason is that even though we worked long and hard, we did not stay focused enough to accomplish the one priority that really needed to get done.

The impact this has on us is two pronged.  Not accomplishing this one priority means that, despite all of the other good things that got done, they are overshadowed by the one that did not get one.  Time Management is about the quality of the things we accomplish, not by the volume, this is a classic example of that fact.  Not accomplishing one particular task, sometimes even a single 5-minute task, can negatively impact the whole days productivity.  The flip side of this value coin is this, by accomplishing a simple short priority task; this alone can make a mediocre day seem more productive than it really was.

The Power Time Management System will work with you on pointing out key time maximizers that return far greater benefit back to you than the time you will originally have invested.  I personally like to do something and benefit more than one way from that single activity.  By accomplishing your key task or priority each day, not only are you benefiting from the actual production being done, but you are also benefiting emotionally as well.

Quick Starter Activities

Number 1

Pick a simple, short, but key priority that you want to get done, each day. Try to keep this priority under an hour.  Once you pick it, you must write it down, either in hard copy or somewhere on your computer.

Number 2

Monitor your ability to accomplish this one priority task each day.  Keep a tally of the days you completed this task, and the days that you were unable to accomplished it.

Number 3

For your own reference, the days that you were successful in getting your priority task done, how did the rest of the day progress?  And how did you feel at the end of the day?  On the days that you were not able to complete your priority task, how did that day work out, and how did you feel at the end of those days?


Time Management is a long journey, but the end result is well worth the effort.  A key start to that journey is taking that first step.  Carving out a little bit out of each day and calling it your own is a great place to start.  Pick your one priority wisely and then enjoy the benefits when you accomplish that priority each day.

Day 6   How Important Is Having A Power Agenda?

I can best answer this question by asking another: when was the last time you left your house to take a trip to a location you had never been before, without a roadmap?  That makes as much sense as trying to navigate through life without a Time Management system or trying to function on a day-to-day basis without an Agenda.

Our idea behind the concept of having your own Power Agenda is simple; you need to establish each day, the tasks and activities that will best serve you and help you achieve the goals and aspirations you have set out for yourself.  People always talk about people having a hidden agenda, in this case, there is nothing hidden about it, you want it to be front and centre.  Having a Power Agenda means that you have taken the time to establish what you want to do, and when you want to do it, all that is left is for you to turn goals and dreams into reality.

Having a Power Agenda is a cornerstone of the Power Time Management System; we base all that we want to do on the creation and then the implementation of our Power Agenda, on a daily basis.  We have all heard of this saying, he didn’t plan to fail; he just failed to plan.  This directly applies to our belief that without a Power Agenda, you are destined to fail, in regards to managing and controlling your time, the essence of Time Management.

Sometimes it is almost as important to know when you have strayed off course as knowing when you are on course.  Your Power Agenda will serve this dual purpose: keep you on course, and then will help you know when you have strayed off course and that you need to make some adjustments to get back on track.  These checks and balances are built right into the Power Time Management System; the system is built to get you on track, and then help you stay there.

Quick starter activities

Number 1

Over the next 30 days, spend some time reading the material that is on Power Time Management Systems.  Depending upon how fast of a reader you are, and how much time you want to invest in this exercise, there is enough to keep you occupied for up to 30 days.

Number 2

As you read through the material that is here, make up a short list of things that you would like to incorporate into your daily routine.  What you put on the list is up to you, the goal is to improve and enrich your life.  Whatever you see that will do that is fair game.  It’s your list and what goes on it is entirely up to you.

Number 3

At the end of the 30 days, give or take, you will now have accumulated a number of ideas, suggestions, systems, tools, tricks of the trade, to make your life more enjoyable and productive. You now have the basis of your own Power Agenda.


None of us would embark on a journey to an unknown location without a road map to show us how to get there.  That is the role and the purpose of your Power Agenda; it shows us how we are going to get from where we are now, to where we want to go.

Day 7  Are You a Passenger or a Driver?

I saved this one for the last day. This one is all about your attitude and how you are going to approach the Power Time Management System and life in general.

Passengers are people who do not, and probably never will have, Agendas to drive.  Passengers are people who take a back seat to other people, events, things and most importantly, other people’s Agendas.

Passengers are people who take what life throws at them, and then just try to make the best of a bad situation.

Passengers are people who think that Time Management does not apply to them, just to other people.

Drivers are people who have agendas and defiantly want them to be driven.

Drivers are people who want to be in the front seat, they want to take the wheel and they defiantly want to be the ones who decide what takes place around them.

Drivers do not let life throw things at them, drivers are the ones making the decisions, taking the lead, and they are the ones who get first crack at the best that life has to offer. Drivers are people who know that the way to get ahead, get more things done and end the day on a happy note is to be in charge and control their time.

Very clearly, the Power Time Management System has a definite edge to it.  I approach Time Management the same way I try to approach life; I want to operate and function from a position of strength.  To get to that position, I need to be as prepared and as knowledgeable as I can be.  That means, I want to be on the high ground, controlling as many things as I can around me.  In the end, I want to be able to use all of the skills and experience that I have accumulated over the last 30 plus years, and use that accumulated power to try to wring the maximum I can out of life.

You have the opportunity to share and benefit from that accumulated knowledge and experience, for your personal benefit, and for those around you. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we have one go around, and we have to make it count.

Quick starter activities

Number 1
This could be the start to your personal Time Management journey.  Time Management is as much about attitude as it is about the practical application of whatever Time Management system you decide to use.  You have a two-step decision to ponder.  What steps will you take in regards to improving and enriching your life?

Number 2
Same old activities will get you the same old results. When you are prepared to make some changes, you will have made a decision to improve your life.

Number 3
Part of that decision to improve your life could involve working with the Power Time Management System.  If that is the case, welcome aboard.  If not, I wish you the best on your quest to improve and enrich your life.

Life is all about the choices we make.  This site is about you making a choice to improve, enrich and make your life better through adopting my approach to how you might want to deal and handle your time.  What your choice is will have a defining impact on the rest of your life.  That may sound a little, what’s the word, self-confident? If it is, it comes from working with and improving the lives of over 60,000 people in the last 30 years.

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