11 Simple Life Style Changes You Can Make To Become Happier


Change # 1  Become A Driver

If you want to be a happier person, you need to make sure that you do more of the things that will make you happy.  Sounds simple, and it is.  Each day, we have plenty of time, time in which we can decide what to do when we want to do it.  The hard part is making sure this happens.

You want to start to be a Driver in life.  What a Driver does is this; he or she makes sure that their Agenda, what they want to do each day, is the Agenda that they follow throughout the day.  You will be very surprised to see the difference between starting the day with a clear plan of attack and what you can accomplish compared to the days when you become a passenger and allow other people to set the tone for the day.

You must realize that the first person to step up is the person who is most likely to have things go their way.  Becoming a Driver and having your own Agenda ready to set the pace is a very good way to accomplish your goals for that day.  Once you become a Driver, you will notice that whenever there is a void in the flow of the day, things will be much more likely to fall in your favor compared to other people who will be waiting for someone to step up and pick up the slack.  That person will be you.

Becoming a Driver is a lifestyle change.  You want to start to look at what you do as important and you want to spend some of your time to make sure the important things in your life are accomplished.  You can start today by working on establishing what is really important to you, things that will make you happy and things that you need to accomplish to feel fulfilled and successful.

Driving your own Agenda is an important concept in the Power Time System.  It is not enough to simply say you want to accomplish certain things in your life; you need the tools, systems and the procedures to help you make these things happen.  You need to marry the theory with the practical application.  There is the desire to be a Driver, and then there is the reality of actually being one.

This concept of being a Driver and looking at achieving your goals on a daily basis has become a mainstay in the Power Time System.  It has helped a great deal of the people over the years to make the break from being the person who did the work but did not get the benefits, to the person who did the work and was the one who reaped the rewards and benefits.

You can now be that person.

Change # 2  Respect Your Time

Time is the stuff life is made up of; when it’s gone, so are we.   If I can leave you with anything from this site, let me leave you with a better understanding of the connection between our use of our time and our successes and failures.  How we use our time determines whether we are happy or not, whether we succeed or fail, our chances of living a fulfilling life or leading a life of quite desperation.  It all hinges on our use of our time.

Time is a non-renewable resource, once it’s gone, so is our opportunity to benefit from it’s passing.  We show time our respect by making sure we get the maximum benefit from every moment. The Power Time System shows you how to organize, plan, prepare, prioritize and squeeze the maximum value from every moment. Respecting our time means making sure we spend some of that precious time, to ensure we do not waste a single second of it.

Part of the transition from starting to pay attention to your Time Management and where you may be now in regards to your time is just the way you may perceive your time right now. You may not have made the connection between achieving the goals you have in your life with something seemingly as simple as choosing one activity over another, the bare bones principles of Time Management. If this section has made you question your use of time, then that is an important first step.

If we always look at our time as the tool that will enable us to achieve what we want in life, then we are on the right track in showing time the respect it deserves.

Change # 3  Invest It Wisely

The Power Time System shows you how to invest your time as the valuable commodity that it is. Time is far more valuable than money, you can always get more money, time is a commodity that can not be stored, can not be saved, once a unit of time has gone, our ability to benefit from it is lost forever.

If I can work with you on looking at time as something we can invest, and then expect a return on, I have moved you significantly closer to looking at Time Management the same way you would look at investing your money. We very frequently use the term spend, when we refer to our time. I spent some time yesterday washing the car, would be a common phrase we all would use. The inference is, I was prepared to spend some time in return for getting my car washed.

That would be a fair exchange, you need your car washed and you spent an hour of your time to get that particular job done. The reason this site exists is to show that in order for any of us to get where we want to get in life, we need to not just spend our time, but to invest our time in the activities that will give us the greatest returns on our investments. This is the essence of the Power Time System, follow this system and you are going to be significantly more successful, happier and get more out of life.

The reason we do not get as much done each day as we would like, is that we invest our time in activities that are either poor investments or our activities that do not directly help us achieve our personal goals. Time Management is one big decision tree, do I go left or do I go right, what will give me the biggest bang for my time buck?

Showing respect for your time and thinking about expending time as an investment, both of these principles go hand in hand. When you start to actually make decisions about your time, with these two principles as guiding lights, then you will have moved over to the side that has a solid footing in getting the maximum out of your personal Time Management System as well as life.

Change # 4  Realize Your Wish List Will Always Extend Farther Than Your Ability To Achieve What’s On It

If you want to be happy, then you have to learn that it’s unrealistic to think that you can have everything that you want out in life without any sort of prioritizing or goal selection.  I know that there are people who have the philosophy that anything is possible and if you dream hard enough and work hard enough, you can achieve anything you want.  There is a balance between what I am saying and what some other people are saying.

The Power Time System is based on making sure that you have the best possible chance of achieving the maximum you can in life.  I believe that is a worthwhile goal.  Part of that process is to work on making the decisions that will enable you to realistically achieve the most you can.  Another part of that process is to make sure that, in working toward achieving your goals, you do not jeopardize achieving the achievable ones by trying to achieve the unachievable ones.

My goal is not to squash anyone’s dreams, far from it.  The purpose of this section is to set you on a course that I know will give you the best shot at achieving your goals.  To do that, you have to make sure that you spend your time, effort, and resources on the right goals, the goals that are achievable.  Time Management is how you make those right decisions.  You need to put all that you have where it will do you the most good.

Your Life List, wish list, is always going to have more on it than any single person could accomplish, probably any two people.  We should always keep this in mind.  With this in mind, we need to invest some time and resources and make sure we are spending our energies on the right dreams and goals.

What are the right dreams and goals?  That is something we all need to work on.

Change # 5  Know How Large The Playing Field Is

Part of being happy is knowing where you are going and then having an idea how you are going to get there.  An integral part of the Power Time System is the Power Living Life List.  In one sentence, your Power Living Life List, PLLL, will help you immensely in determining how big the playing field is.  Knowing how big the playing field plays a large part in how happy you ultimately end up being.

Knowing how large the playing field is means knowing how much you want to achieve over your lifetime.  For most people, this is an elusive quantity, something that they never really get a handle on it and can never really quantify it.  The result is we are always trying to make decisions that affect our lives without having all of the facts at our disposable.  The closer you are to knowing the true size of your playing field, the closer you will be in determining where to best put your resources.

What I, as well as the people who are working with the Power Time System, have experienced is that there is a certain calm that you feel when you have a handle on what you are looking at in terms of where you will be going in life.  There is no question there is a large degree of stress associated with not knowing where you will be going, that is undeniable.

Once you know how large the playing field is, you then have the ability to work on how you are going to get there, accomplish your goals, from where you are now.  This is the situation that you want to find yourself in; dealing from a position of strength, knowing what you are working with and being able to make decisions based on all of the facts.  Time Management puts you in a position, if you let it, to be in control and able to make the best possible decision based on having all of the facts at your disposable.

Change # 6  White Space Is A Good Thing

This section is about being happy.  White space makes that happen.  I am referring to the spaces in your Day Planner where you have not Time Activated work or business related activities.  In other words, blank spaces, where hopefully you have scheduled non-work related recreational activities.  The Power Time System is not just to organize and manage your business/ job time; it’s for your whole life.

Off time is as important to our success and our well being as our business related time is, maybe even more important.  What Time Management will show you is that balance between our business lives and our non business lives is what will enable us to get a life style that is not only desirable but, most importantly, sustainable.  We want to achieve a balance between work and pleasure, find what works for us, and then be able to sustain that lifestyle long term.  I guess we want to have our cake and eat it too.

This is a quality of life issue.  We need to prevent ourselves from achieving what we want to in our professional lives, but at a cost that makes that success worthless to us. We need to plan and organize our private lives with the same zeal and effort we put into our business lives.  The Power Time System will give you the tools to not only plan and organize your professional life, but make sure that you can see enough white space to make sure the lifestyle you are aspiring to ends up being sustainable over the long haul.

Change  # 7  Small Victories Add Up

This is part and parcel of “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time“.  If we have to wait for everything to play out, to be totally finished before we get to realize any enjoyment or happiness out of the journey, there are going to be some pretty long dry spells.  This also deals with goal setting, doing longer projects, activities, jobs and tasks that, by their nature, just take longer to come to a happy conclusion.

We need to be sure that we are aware of this and take advantage of the small incremental victories and successes along the way.  As an example, some of the people reading this will have an Internet Home Business and a web page.  Those people will know that getting a good page rank is a long process, sometimes a process that does not always end up the way we want it to.  If we waited for this process to end before we allowed ourselves to celebrate a good outcome, we could wait forever.

We need to be happy when we get indexed, when we get in the top 100, when we get in the top 3 pages and so on.  If we don’t celebrate the small victories along the way, life can get us down.  Celebrating the small victories also help us to stay motivated and to stay focused.  I also perform better when I know that I am making progress and that I am at least moving in the right direction.

Change # 8  Always Have Something To Look Forward To

This one is something that does not have to cost any money at all and could use up only a small amount of time.  But on the scale of value to you, it is at the top.  No one likes being on a treadmill, especially one that never ends.  Not having something to look forward to, that is going to be a pleasant experience for you, is like being on a treadmill that seems to never end.  This could be entirely subjective but I have a hard time personally working day in and day out, without having some sort of carrot in front of me.

I am not talking about looking forward to a weeks vacation to the Caribbean as a carrot, it could be something as simple as a meal out with family or friends, a show, a day at the zoo; something that will provide a break for you and help with getting that elusive balance.  Having something to look forward to and having a break from the day-to-day routine are one in the same.  I am not sure if I could think of something to look forward to that would not also be a break from the day-to-day routine.

You may notice that I am trying hard not to say the day-to-day “grind“.  Saying that would suggest that we all need to get away from what we do because we don’t like what we do.  That is not necessarily the case.  I certainly like what I do.  I am not sure I would use a stronger word than like, but I certainly do not need to get away from it because of any dislike.  But if I do not get a break, and in the process have something to look forward to, then I certainly am working on the downside of my peak performance.

We all have to find our own balance, in life and in the balance between our personal and professional lives.  Even in my explanation on what I perceive is our collective need to have something to look forward to and have a break, there is the influence of doing it for professional reasons.  By taking a break from our work, we than can go back and do even more work!  That speaks volumes about what balance may mean to me, and it could show either you have the same balance or you have a different kind of balance in mind.

This section is meant to offer up some ways that I feel will help you become happier.  Happier is a relative term and whether you are hopping around blissfully happy, or you are happy enough to get by, but could use a boost, adding this suggestion to your daily operating system will certainly add to your joy level.

Change # 9  Learn To Dump Good Stuff

This sounds like strange advice, but a founding principle of the Power Time System is that, to move forward, be successful, be happy and to achieve the maximum from life, we need to dump some good things out of our lives.  Let me clarify some things in order make sure we are all on the same page.

Good stuff means good stuff, not the best stuff, there is a huge difference.  Time Management is about choices, and the Power Time System works very hard to make sure that we make the right choices, particularly when it comes to deciding where we invest our time.  We indicate to ourselves what we feel is important to us, by investing our time, money, effort and resources into those specific activities that we selected to be our priorities.

This is where we have to have the ability to dump good things out of our lives, in order that the real priorities can have the time and resources to have a chance at succeeding.  I do not know about you, but I do not have the time and resources to do all of the things I want to do, at least not right now.  I am now left with the choice of picking what is really important to me, and funneling all of my time and effort into just a few things, in the hope of making those goals become a reality.

It sounds corny but sometimes we have to sacrifice some goals, so others can become realized.  Unfortunately, the norm is we try to do all of what we want to accomplish and, in the process, end up not realizing as many as we should because we do not get enough of the tools these goals need to be realized: time, effort, focus and resources.  The result is we end up short.

An important point here, (and The Power Time System deals with this concept in detail), is that dumping good stuff does not have to be the end of the road for some dreams and goals, it just means that right now, other stuff is slightly more important and probably has a better chance of succeeding than the stuff we are putting back into our Power Life List.

For your personal Time Management to work you need to be able to focus on the number of activities that you can actually support, with the resources you have at your disposable.  Attempting to spread yourself to thin means you end up jeopardizing the chance of success for everything you are attempting to accomplish.

To be happier, you, we, need to try to do less and in the process, will actually accomplish more.

Change # 10  You Can’t Put 10 Pounds Of Shit In A 5-Pound Bag

I thought long and hard about using this exact saying and, in the end, I decided to quote it as it was told to me. I heard this saying a long time ago and I am not sure where I heard it, I think it was from a customer of mine in the South East part of the United States, but not 100% sure. Regardless of where I heard it, this saying certainly gives you a picture to go with the saying!

“You can’t put 10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag”

I like this particular saying because it seems to capture the essence of what you are trying to describe.  In this case, I am trying to tell you that regardless of how much we want to do something, some times it just does not fit our circumstances.  Proper Time Management forces us to examine what we think we want to do, with the reality of our circumstances.  This is sometimes a painful experience.

To succeed, we need to make sure that we are realistically working toward something that has a hope in hell of being accomplished.  This means not trying to put 10 pounds of our expectations, into a 5-pound bag of resources.  Expectations and resources, have to be similar in size, we have to be realistic when we set out what we are going to try to accomplish.

The Power Time System deals with this delicate balance between what we want, and what we can actually accomplish.  In the end, is this not what we are faced with almost every day?  I would like to do so much more each day, but I have to accept my limitations.  Once I do that, then I will be able to logically and intelligently plan my day accordingly.

Time Management will at the very least; tell you when you are heading in the wrong direction. Parts of the Power Time System will graphically show you when you are just out of time and there is no more available to you at the moment you are asking for it. Even though it’s your time, you cannot ask for the same block of time, at the same moment, twice, that is the ultimate 10 pounds trying to get into a 5-pound bag, it just does not work.

This is the happiness section, how does this rather sobering part help you become happier? This section helps to head off major disappointments down the road, after it’s too late to fix them. By being made aware of this connection between expectations and availability of resources, you will be significantly better positioned to achieve the goals you set using this section as a guideline. Look at it as a form of preventative maintenance.

Change # 11  If You Want To Run With The Big Dogs, You Have To Get Off The Porch

I left this one to the last.  It deals with honesty; honesty with ourselves.  I developed and created the Power Time System, so I am just a little biased, but I am still allowed to say what I like about it.  What the system has done for me as well as a large portion of the 60,000 plus people who are using the system, is allowed us to be honest with ourselves and to accurately assess what our chances are of achieving the goals we have set out for ourselves in life.

Before we have any chance of getting where we want to go, we have to be sure that we have the resources in place to make that journey.  There are two ways things can go for us: we achieve our goals, or we do not.  Having said that, there is a lot of gray area in the middle and it is in this gray area where most of the achieving takes place.

Not achieving our goals today does not mean that, at a later date, under different circumstances, with better preparation and more effort in different areas, the outcome will not be totally different.  This is what I like about the Power Time System, it gives us the tools and the systems, the where for all to be able to keep us in the game, until we succeed.

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