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You need content to run social media campaigns, have an effective blog, provide content and products on your web site that are relevant and interesting to your visitors and target market. Your customers are looking for useful, compelling content; this is the kind of content they want to share with their friends and followers on social networks.

We are a business services company that offers a variety of solutions to companies that are looking to enhance the offerings that they have available to their clients and customers. With original, value based content provided by our Website Maximizer Suite; you have the consistent and empowering content people read, share, comment and follow.

Kommunicons Website Maximizer Suite Empowers Your Business To :

Kommunicon’s Website Maximizer Suite Empowers Your Business With:


Daily Web Site Content

Suitable for Personal Branding

You will have access to our library of copy written, content, 500 to 700 words, specifically tailored for a wide generic audience. Suitable for personal branding, adding your own ads, content, promotions etc. New content is available daily.

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Social Media Marketing

Maintain An Online Presence

You know the positive impact Social Media can have, but finding time to interact is often problematic. We provide material that people will want to search out, share, interact with; resulting in unlimited postings, shouts and tweets five times a week, ensuring your business maintains a crucial online presence.

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Subscription Products

5 Per Week

Regular, consistent communications with your customers is crucial to staying in contact and reducing customer drift. We supply you with five unique subscription products a week to entice new followers. Encourage visitors to sign-up by offering them valuable free content that they want to receive and read.

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Opt-In Boxes

Value driven products supplied by us monthly.

More Clients = More Profits. Building an extensive list of email subscribers is necessary to increase profits. We can help. We provide you with value driven products that are ideal for your on line opt –in boxes, supplied and refreshed by us monthly.

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Freebies Program

Who doesn’t love freebies!

Who doesn’t love freebies! especially FREEBIES that add value and enhance your customer’s lives. Monthly, you will receive a free product, promotion, substantial discount that can be used in a variety of ways, contests, give aways, branded marketing and sales aids, the applications are endless.

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Ebook Ownership

A new branded e-book once a month

Have you lost a few leads? Lure them back in! Reintroduce yourself to older email leads, prospects with an attractive personally branded e-book. We provide an e-book once a month to keep your clients – past and present – coming back to see you.

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Connect with new and current customers!

Newsletters are an effective way to stay connected with existing customers and reach out to new ones. You will receive a Monthly Newsletter, chockfull of interesting and informative content, set up for personalized branded material already on your website.

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Virtual Business Cards


Business cards are necessary for real-life customers and your virtual clients are equally important. Your info is easily accessible to them with KOmKards®. They’re available 24/7; they are internet friendly and, best of all, Komkards are available for distribution from your free download page 24/7.

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